Camp Ballers head coaching staff consists entirely of former collegiate &/or professional players, that are now coaching their own teams or private lessons/clinics/training. They have all experienced a high level of success in their particular “sport”, but all agree that: playing multiple sports & learning the right way at young ages, is the foundation to sports success for kids as they get older. All agree that playing multiple sports makes you a more well-rounded athlete & actually a better player at whatever particular sport you decide to focus/specialize in more as you get older (high school & beyond).

Coaches & guest speakers have 100+ years of combined college &/or professional experience from the following organizations: Team USA, Orioles, Ravens, Dodgers, Brewers, Penn State, Navy, Syracuse, UNC-Wilmington, Maryland, Towson, & International pro leagues.

Another major focus from our Camp Ballers staff is teaching important life skills & lessons using the sports platform: personal identity, goal-setting, proper nutrition, exercise, time management, work ethic, teamwork, etc…just to name a few! Kids need to hear the message that their successes & failures in sports DO NOT define who they are as a human being. Your self-worth & value as a person cannot be based on if you are a good or bad athlete. Because those are temporary “labels” that can change, for better or worse. Your foundation must be stronger than your athletic ability.

CAMP BALLERS Coaching Staff:

SOCCER- Ashley Myers
BASEBALL/SB- Rick Krivda
LACROSSE- Mary Angstadt Knox
BASKETBALL- Johnny Woods

General Manager- John Caslin