Camp Ballers LLC is a multi-sport camp/organization for boys & girls ages 7-14 years old. Camp Ballers encourages kids to play multiple sports when they are young & learn that their true identity in life is not based on their sports performance. Each day of the camp kids will play & focus on a different sport, learning from a panel of top coaches who have played at the collegiate &/or professional level. Teaching kids the proper way to play & exposing them to multiple sports when they are young will help shape them into a more well-rounded overall athlete, both physically & mentally. When kids are better overall athletes, they experience more success in their sports- they grow more confident & have more fun while playing…which is the reason most play kids sports- to have fun!

Camp Ballers LLC was founded to support the cause of encouraging young children to continue playing multiple sports during their elementary & middle school age years (7-14) and to NOT specialize & play just one sport at a young age. Many parents in our competitive society today are buying into the idea, for various reasons, that their kids need to “specialize” in 1 sport at an early age- in the hopes that they excel in that sport to earn high school &/or college scholarships. I’m sorry to break the news, but that simply will not be the outcome for the high majority of kids. It can happen for some kids, but not all. (See our News tab for more on that topic.) Unfortunately, reports of specializing too early can lead to just the opposite. Specializing at an early age has been proven to lead to more injuries & burnout for these young kids. They begin to feel like their “sport” is their “job”…which should not be the case for 7-14 year old kids. The ironic part of this specialization idea is that many college/pro coaches will tell you that their best player is a great overall athlete & played multiple sports while growing up!!! (See our News tab for more info on that as well). That’s why Camp Ballers was born. To provide a sports camp for kids that encourages them to play multiple sports & become better overall athletes while learning important life lessons along the way from multiple high level coaches from different sports.

Check out our “NEWS” tab & this article from USA Baseball about the benefits of playing multiple sports…couldn’t have said it any better!


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